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196. Glitchhunter   (07.04.2013 02:26) E-mail
I've also noticed that sometimes you randomly turn invisible, on another related note the power-up for invisibility doesn't work that well.

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195. Александр [[M210®]]   (07.04.2013 01:08)
Thanks for this info, I will try fix it

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194. Glitchhunter   (07.04.2013 01:04) E-mail
I've also noticed that the alt fire for the flare pistol doesn't work sometimes, which makes it a waste for ammo. sad

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193. loldude1234   (01.04.2013 15:09)
Great TC of blood, i can finally play it on my computer! Waiting eagerly for the next version with episode 2!

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192. Александр [[M210®]]   (29.03.2013 06:55)
I have more then 100fps on phantom express, i don't know why you have this problem. 
Btw after release e1m3 not playable(and probably other maps too), because I reconstruct some algoritm for SEsprites. It will be fix at future

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191. Glitchhunter   (29.03.2013 00:49) E-mail
Phantom Express is lagging horribly for Eduke32, i wonder why this happens? wacko

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190. Rudiment   (21.02.2013 01:07)
Thank you a lot for your job. Your project is the most attractive adaptation of Blood for modern PC's. Keep your possesion futher

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189. Sergey808   (20.02.2013 01:23)
Отличная работа, спасибо, жду финального релиза!

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188. [Quicksilver]   (19.02.2013 21:27)
Thanks m210...I got hrp working now.Awesome work,thankyou very much for your effort m8

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187. idkfa   (19.02.2013 10:22)
Yes I am playing 3rd episode now, Blood TC is a absolute work of beauty. Can't say enough about this conversion M210, very happy to see it lives again..and again! Thank you!!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin

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186. Mike Teske [Komet302]   (19.02.2013 02:08) E-mail
Hi your Blood TC is Amazing, It plays great on my new computer, Better then the original game in fact. I like your Cultist AI better by far then the original, I always found them to be a bit too quick on the trigger.:)  You have done a great job, Blood has always been  my favorite Build engine game!!

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185. q   (19.02.2013 00:50)
Just playing third episode and it looks very good. smile

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184. Mfara   (15.02.2013 05:29)
Looks and plays really great. Thanks man, you can really see the effort put into this. Keep up the good work!

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183. Александр [[M210®]]   (12.02.2013 17:40)
Create a "autoload" folder in BloodTC folder and put zip archive. 
After this, switch on a "use models" and "enable hires textures" in render setup

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182. [Quicksilver]   (31.01.2013 08:56)
How do you use the hrp pack with the bloodtc is it possible?


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